MSK Matters

That’s a wrap on MSK Matters Season 2!

December 29, 2021 Dr. Ali Rendely and Guests Season 2 Episode 8
MSK Matters
That’s a wrap on MSK Matters Season 2!
Show Notes

In this episode, we review all of the episodes from this season and highlight our favourite clinical pearls, while adding some new ones! 

A huge thank you to all of our guests for sharing their knowledge and time. 

To recap:

Low back pain with Dr. Stuart McGill

Diet and Sports Nutrition with Jennifer Sygo

Exercise is Medicine with Rob Bertelink

Sport Concussions with Drs. Alex Francella and Scott Shallow 

Lower extremity injuries with Dr. Tim Rindlisbacher 

Physical Activity and Pregnancy with Dr. Rebecca Titman and Jenni Diamond 

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with Dr. Janet McMordie 

Thank you to everyone who has listened, downloaded and engaged with this podcast. We are so thankful to you, the listeners, for your support! 

To my co-hosts, Drs. Alex McDougall, Stephen Szeto and Nicholas Sequeira - thanks for all the time, effort and energy you put into making this season such a great success.

And to our irreplaceable editor, Enrica Ammaturo, the podcast would not run without you! 

Stay tuned for MSK Matters Season 3 - there will be new voices and new topics! Please tweet us @MSKMatters or @alirendely with topics you would like to learn more about, questions or feedback!

Thanks for listening!

Dr. Ali Rendely