MSK Matters

Lower Extremity Injuries

May 04, 2021 Season 2 Episode 5
MSK Matters
Lower Extremity Injuries
Show Notes

Lower extremity injuries occur in all sports and high profile athletes draw attention to such injuries. This episode delves into 3 of the most talked about lower extremity injuries in the last years. Using these athletes as a starting point, this episode discusses the differential diagnosis, assessment, work up and rehabilitation plans for lower body sports injuries. 

We start with the hip dislocation sustained by now NFL player Tua Tagovailoa. Posterior hip fracture dislocations are relatively rare in sports, but it is always important to think of the common and not to miss diagnoses when evaluating a player.  Once the diagnosis is made, treatment should surround improving function and minimizing or preventing future complications.

Moving distally to the knee, NHL player Connor McDavid had one of the most talked about injuries in recent memory, complete with a documentary detailing his rehab and recovery. PCL injuries are also fairly uncommon when compared to ACL, MCL or meniscus injuries, yet, it is important to learn and understand the surgical vs non-surgical treatment options. Rehabilitation is often the mainstay of treatment for knee injuries, so having a good team of dedicated therapists and allied health practitioners to assist in the recovery is imperative. All trainees should spend time working in an allied health clinic to learn the intricacies and nuance of what rehabilitation entails. 

Finally, NBA superstar Kevin Durant sustained a calf strain followed by an Achilles tendon rupture suffered in the playoff finals. This case discusses the mechanism of injury and typical symptoms seen with Achilles injuries and other common ankle injures. As part of the rehabilitation plan, all sports medicine providers should be familiar with the Fowler Kennedy Achilles tendon rupture accelerated rehab protocol

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