MSK Matters

Low Back Pain

December 14, 2020 Dr. Ali Rendely and Guests Season 2 Episode 1
MSK Matters
Low Back Pain
Show Notes

Low back pain is one of the most common clinical conditions seen in outpatient clinics by family physicians, physiatrists and allied health practitioners

It affects so many people and can be quite debilitating 

Dr. Stuart McGill is a world renowned back pain clinician and research, with over 30 years experience

In this episode he helps teach Dr. Alex McDougall, physiatry resident, how to approach patients with low back pain 

For more information on Dr. McGill and to learn more about his research and books please visit his website 

Episode Pearls - 
-Back pain is complex and never nonspecific - help identify the cause of your patient’s back pain to create and guide a specific treatment plan. 

-Listen to your patient - each patient comes with their own triggers for their back pain and this can be the key to their recovery 

-Every patient needs a tailored physical exam to identify their specific pain generators 

-Understanding and using the psychology of pain is critical for the rehabilitation of back pain

-Empower your patients to take control of their pain, teach them how to implement spine hygiene techniques when completing everyday activities 

-Walking should not be underestimated! It is a very valuable tool for back pain rehab 

McGill's Big 3 Exercises:

1. Bird dog 

2. Side bridge 

3. McGill curl up 

Image Courtesy of Vox